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Title of the study: From ‘oops’ to ‘oh no!’: Understanding the development of infants' early prosocial behaviour in the context of routine and problem situations


The purpose of this research study is to determine parents’ view on young children’s assistance and participation in routine and chores in the home (e.g., cleaning up; doing dishes; sweeping). For this reason, we will be surveying parents of age 18 and older and living in Canada and we will ask them to complete a 15 minute questionnaire.  If you are willing to participate, our questionnaire will ask about your home life, as well as about your children’s involvement in chores in the home and their general helpfulness.  No foreseeable risks are associated with this project, nor are there any direct benefits to you.


This is an entirely anonymous questionnaire, and so your responses will not be identifiable in any way.  All responses are confidential, and results will be kept under lock and key.  Should you use a proper name in response to a question, researchers will not use this name in any publications associated with the study. Researchers may include graduate and undergraduate student researchers, who may analyze the data for undergraduate and graduate theses and projects.  


Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw from this project at any time before submitting your results.  This study is being conducted by Dr. Stuart I. Hammond, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, 613-562-5800 (ext. 4467),


Any information about my rights as a research participant may be addressed to Protocol Officer for Ethics in Research, 550 Cumberland Street, Room 154, (613) 562-5387, or


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